Roast coffee for fine flavour – whole or ground

CAFEA’s range also includes classic roast coffees, whole or ground. Once the beans have been selected in the places where they are cultivated, they are refined by the experienced master roasters in the CAFEA plants.


The team are experts in the perfect roasting time and temperature required to make powerful espresso and strongly flavourful or milder coffees. Specific colours, flavourings and aromas are chosen as part of the roasting process.

The best coffee comes from freshly roasted beans.

These CAFEA companies distribute our roast coffee

Selected CAFEA production plants include roast coffee in their product range.

DEK Hamburg

DEK, CAFEA’s core company, also specialises in roast coffee.

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FFI NY supplies North America with fine roast coffee.


WERTFORM’s roast coffees
are organically controlled and
certified according to fair
trade standards.

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Coffee tastes best when the beans are ground just before the drink is made. Coffee is also light-sensitive and should be stored in its sealed airtight original packaging wherever possible. This is particularly true of ground coffee.


Instant coffee

Our instant coffee is available in many varieties,
always with the same top quality.

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Instant coffee drinks

Whether it’s a cappuccino or Viennese Melange –
each variety is a delight.

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Liquid coffee

Perfect for use in food or as a quick, tasty drink.

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