Instant coffee – wide variety, premium quality

As a coffee specialist, we cover the entire spectrum of products, supplying spray-dried, agglomerated and freeze-dried coffees based on established recipes and blends, all with the same great quality – even without caffeine.

Our instant coffee is produced in a complex manufacturing process. The beans undergo strict quality controls, from selection and roasting all the way to your coffee cup.


We’ve been the first port of call for instant coffee since 1955.

The drying process – how instant coffee is made

Drying is just one stage in the instant-coffee production process, yet it’s also the most important. It can be done in three different ways:

Our specialists in instant coffee

These five CAFEA Group companies have specialised in instant coffee distribution:

Easy to make

Step 1: Put a heaped spoonful of coffee in a cup.
Step 2: Add hot (not boiling) water to the coffee powder.
Step 3: Give it a quick stir until the powder has completely dissolved. Your coffee’s ready!

Once the water has boiled, wait around 30 seconds before you pour it into the cup. When the water is too hot, it scalds the coffee granules.


Grain and chicory beverages

Delicious and caffeine-free: plant-based hot drinks.

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Drinking chocolate

Delicious cocoa flavour with milk and a delicate crema. For between meals and on the move.

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Fine blends of the best coffees grown at high altitudes give our capsule coffee its full flavour, in just the right amount.

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