Capsules – for the most common coffee systems

Whether it’s café crème, espresso or café au lait: CAFEA supplies capsules for the most common coffee systems, such as Nescafé Dolce Gusto®*.

Our coffee capsules are available in different degrees of intensity, from mild and strong to extra-strong, as well as decaf varieties.


* Brand name of a company not connected to CAFEA Group companies.

Every coffee capsule reflects the quality of CAFEA products. From coffee cultivation and processing to clicking the capsule into the coffee machine. This makes every cup of coffee a unique taste sensation.


The little capsules offer a lot of flavour at the touch of a button.

These CAFEA companies offer the popular coffee capsules

Coffee capsules are more popular than ever. Whether for a quick cup before work in the morning, an office meeting or in the busy day-to-day world of dining. The following CAFEA companies include capsules in their range:


Coffee capsules are marketed by CAFEA UK in the UK.

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Roast coffee

Experienced roasters use the very best beans
to create a selection of coffees ranging from mild varieties
to strong, flavourful espresso.

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Instant coffee

Our instant coffee is available in many varieties, always with the same top quality.

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Grain and chicory beverages

Delicious and caffeine-free: plant-based hot drinks.

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