Great flavour – we give our best to capture it

The CAFEA Group companies offer a wide range of instant coffee drinks, liquid coffees, cold-brew drinks, roast coffees and drinking chocolates. The range also includes grain- and chicory-based beverages, coffee capsules, baby formula and nutrition drinks and supplements.

High quality and great flavour with no compromises are our top priority – from bean to cup.

Instant coffee

Our instant coffee is available in many varieties, all with the same top quality.

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Instant coffee drinks

Whether it’s a cappuccino, iced coffee or Viennese Melange – each variety has a great, unique flavour profile  and taste.

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Liquid coffee

Perfect for use as a food ingredient or as a quick, tasty drink.

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Grain and chicory beverages

Delicious and caffeine-free: plant-based hot drinks.

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Roast and ground coffee

Experienced roasters use the very best beans to create a selection of coffees ranging from mild varieties to strong, flavourful espresso.

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Single Serve Capsules

Fine blends of the best coffees grown at high altitudes give our capsules coffee its full flavour, in just the right amount.

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Drinking chocolate

Delicious cocoa flavour with milk and a delicate crema. For between meals and on the move.

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Baby formula

Sound ingredients and a controlled manufacturing process create a safe product.


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Nutrition drinks and supplements

High-calorie nutrition drinks in a variety of flavours close gaps in your nutrition.

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Great quality is only maintained if it’s constantly improved. In every single product.


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