Sustainability in the CAFEA Group

As a European corporate group and family-run company, CAFEA produces and sells high-quality coffee, soluble coffee and cocoa drinks, instant chicory- and grain-based drinks and powdered milk and vegan products all over the world.

Deeply rooted in tradition, top quality and a pronounced sense of responsibility for society, nature and resources, we are firmly committed to a sustainable future. The CAFEA Group acts in a economically, socially and ecologically responsible manner, with products that help us to preserve the world for generations to come. 

As a trusted partner to our customers, we work together to enrich the retail sector with sustainable products. 

The focus of our vision: community

We have a clear vision that makes us even more motivated and focused in our commitment to sustainability at CAFEA:

‘Together for sustainable taste’

After all, we achieve our goals together as a Group and take innovative steps throughout our entire value chain – from fair and ecological raw ingredient procurement through climate-friendly logistics and production all the way to resource-saving packaging for our soluble coffee and hot-drink specialities. 

Sustainability goals for the coming years


 We want to work together with our customers and suppliers to make a proactive contribution to transforming the global aims of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into reality.

As targets to be achieved by 2023, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations also formed the basis of our seven focal points for the conception of our sustainability strategy. This covers five areas of action in the three fields of ecology, social responsibility and economy.


Reducing CO2 emissions and maximizing carbon neutrality in production by 2030.


Expanding resource-saving products through more material efficiency and recyclability


Enhancing long-term, sustainable customer and supplier relationships


Upholding due diligence obligations throughout the supply chain


Reducing complexity and non-conformity costs to increase the economic sustainability of our processes and product portfolio

What we have already achieved:

dek sustainability
Excellent: sustainability at DEK
Continuation of the successful ecovadis certification in 2023
cafea uk sustainability
On course to the future with renewable energy
Solar energy rockets CAFEA into the future
cafea sustainability
The Cafea Group rolls up its sleeves!
Together for sustainable tast
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The CAFEA Group places paramount importance on the purchase of sustainably cultivated raw ingredients and the reliable assurance of seals.


Over 50% of the green coffee we purchase is certified by labels like Fairtrade.

ECOVADIS silver medal for DEK

ECOVADIS is one of the leading providers of sustainability monitoring in global supply chains.

Wi mook dat!

Sustainability is more than just a promise – the CAFEA Group rolls its sleeves up and expresses its sense of responsibility by getting involved in the Hamburg CSR campaign day Wi mook dat

CAFEA is a Treedom friend 2022

Planting new trees has already helped us to offset one tonne of CO2 – and this is just the beginning.

Anne Kathrin Rothfos (daughter of Jan Beernd Rothfos) visiting the green coffee country of origin Vietnam.

Anne Kathrin Rothfos (daughter of Jan Beernd Rothfos) visiting the green coffee country of origin Vietnam.

I am delighted to be following in my father’s footsteps to continue and deepen his lifelong passion.

Anne Kathrin Rothfos, managing director

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As one of the leading producers of instant coffees, we look back with pride on the Hanseatic history of our family business. 

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