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CAFEA’s product range also includes nutrition drinks and supplements in a variety of different flavours. They are designed for a balanced diet. All products contain a balanced blend of essential nutrients in an easily digestible form.


The nutrition drinks are stirred into warm or cold water and can be built into an eating plan where required or as recommended by a doctor. And that’s not all! Nutrition drinks and supplements are a great substitute for people who struggle to consume enough normal sustenance.

Suitable for loss of appetite, increased need for nutrients, reduced nutrient absorption and difficulties chewing and swallowing.


The CAFEA company CREMILK distributes nutrition drinks and supplements as private label products or using the MILKRAFT® brand.

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The nutrition drinks and supplements should not be added to acidic foods or very hot foods (over 50°C).

Baby formula

Sound ingredients and a controlled manufacturing process create a safe product.

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Drinking chocolate

Delicious cocoa flavour with milk and a delicate crema. For between meals and on the move.

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Grain and chicory beverages

Delicious and caffeine-free: plant-based hot drinks.

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