CAFEA – Stronger together

Since 1981, as a major holding company, CAFEA has brought together individual companies who produce and distribute instant coffees and other instant hot-drink specialities. Each company is a leader in its own specialist market.

Strong in sales

The CAFEA Group companies enjoy strong connections.


Concentrates for coffee systems

A system for serving up great coffee – that’s AROMAT CAFE. It distributes premium coffee products and drinks machines for coffee systems.

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Liquid coffee and special products

CAFEAHAUS in Berlin distributes liquid coffees, coffee concentrates and innovative special products with a high caffeine content for trend drinks.

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Ideas made from milk

In northern Schleswig-Holstein, CREMILK processes milk from local farmers for our instant coffee, tea and chocolate drinks. They also produce high-quality baby formula and nutrition drinks.

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DEK Berlin

A modern take on the classic coffee flavour

The Berlin-based company manufactures instant coffees of all kinds: liquid coffees and liquid-coffee extracts and spray-dried, agglomerated and freeze-dried instant coffees.

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DEK Hamburg

Brand specialist

DEK in Hamburg specialises in instant coffees, blended milk-based drinks, grain beverages and chicory coffees, drinking chocolates, liquid coffees, roast coffees and capsule coffee brands.

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Our company in North America

FFI NY distributes instant coffees, blended milk-based drinks, grain beverages, drinking chocolates, liquid coffees, roast and ground coffees and single serve coffee capsules in the US and Canada.


Products for the UK

Our British company supplies the UK with high-quality coffee products such as instant coffees, blended milk-based drinks, grain and chicory coffees, drinking chocolates, liquid coffees and single serve coffee capsules.

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Instant chicory- and grain-based drinks

GRANA produces and distributes instant plant-based hot drinks.

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Your partner in Moscow

INTERCAFE supplies instant coffee to our customers in Russia.

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Delicious coffee – fair and eco-friendly

The company distributes certified organic and fair trade products, such as roast coffees, instant coffees, grain beverages and chicory coffees, drinking chocolates and cold-brew coffees.

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Strong in production

Two of our companies exclusively specialise in manufacturing our products.


Café Wallon – le goût du bon!

Based in Liège, Belgium, EDEL S.A. is our premium freeze-dried coffee production company.

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Specialists in the production of instant drinks

MILCAFEA in Rathenow is our production company for instant coffee and cocoa drinks in folding boxes, cans, bags and individual packaging formats such as sachets.

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What makes us unique

We are a strong network of independent companies producing consistently high-quality products.

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