Delicious drinks that go down easily – grain and chicory beverages

Our instant plant-based hot drinks are caffeine-free. Malt, roasted grains or nutritious chicory root are used as ingredients.

CAFEA distributes a wide variety of instant caffeine-free blended drinks and is one of the world’s leading suppliers in this segment. Here the whole family can enjoy a warming drink and benefit from the valuable natural ingredients and flavours.

Our hot grain and chicory beverages offer great flavour without caffeine.

These CAFEA companies supply natural flavour

CAFEA has been producing grain and chicory beverages for over 100 years. And it’s always innovating. These four CAFEA companies distribute these light instant drinks:

Plant-based coffees taste great served cold, too. For instance, they add a delicious touch to desserts.

Drinking chocolate

Delicious cocoa flavour with milk and a delicate crema. For between meals and on the move.

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Baby formula

Sound ingredients and a controlled manufacturing process create a safe product.

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Nutrition drinks and supplements

High-calorie nutrition drinks in a variety of flavours close gaps in your nutrition.

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