Drinking chocolate – delicious flavour for the whole family

When it comes to favourite hot drinks, for most people, hot chocolate is right at the top of the list. With a fine flavour of chocolate and milk, it is beloved amongst kids and grown-ups alike.

In CAFEA’s drinking chocolate, carefully selected quality raw materials are a must. This applies to the cocoa beans as well as the quality milk. This is already contained in the cocoa-based drinks powder. Adding hot water is all you need to bring out the mild chocolate taste.

Drinking chocolate – for moments of warm, tasty delight.

Hot or cold – our drinking chocolate is always a delight

Four CAFEA companies have different drinking chocolates in their range. They offer the product in a variety of flavours and also as an own brand.

CAFEA’s drinking chocolates can be prepared using just water. There’s already milk inside!

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