Liquid coffee – for use in foods or a quick and tasty drink

Pure flavour – freshly ground roast coffee is the basis of our liquid coffee. Either it’s used in foods, adding the real taste of coffee to baked goods, ice cream and other products. Or it flows from hot-drinks machines at the touch of a button. It is used in this form in catering, cafeterias and canteens. With our brand Aromat® we also offer liquid coffee especially for coffee systems. Our conveniently packed concentrated liquid coffee is also ideal for events, kiosks, cafe bars and your own home.

Cold coffee?

It has also enjoyed a meteoric rise in recent years. CAFEA offers a refreshing coffee flavour with cold-brew and coffee shot drinks.

Simply add hot water to make real natural, aromatic coffee in an instant.

The following CAFEA subsidiaries supply liquid coffee

Almost every subsidiary offers CAFEA’s liquid coffees in their product range. Years of experience mean quality and good flavour are guaranteed.

Roast coffee

Experienced roasters use the very best beans to create a selection of coffees ranging from mild varieties to strong, flavourful espresso.

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Drinking chocolate

Delicious cocoa flavour with milk and a delicate crema. For between meals and on the move.

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Grain and chicory beverages

Delicious and caffeine-free: plant-based hot drinks.

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