Instant coffee drinks – cappuccino and co

The CAFEA Group’s coffees are quality products and their guiding principle of great flavour forms the basis for many delicious instant coffee drinks. That’s why our experts are constantly coming up with new blended coffee-based milk drinks, like the Viennese Melange, iced coffee or new varieties of cappuccino.


A fine crema, light foam and balanced coffee notes – all our instant coffees have these qualities in common. You can prepare all of our specialities in seconds. Their flavours are inspired by those found in Viennese coffee houses or Italian street cafes.

A wide range of delicious flavours, always with a new twist and quick to prepare.

These manufacturers produce our instant coffee drinks

For decades, we have placed our trust in our subsidiaries, who devote themselves to producing and distributing our popular instant coffee drinks.

Our instant coffee drinks are perfect for breakfast or brunch with friends. Each guest can whip up their favourite drink in an instant.


Roast coffee

Experienced roasters use the very best beans to create a selection of coffees ranging from mild varieties to strong, flavourful espresso.

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Liquid coffee

Perfect for use in food or as a quick, tasty drink.

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Nutrition drinks and supplements

High-calorie nutrition drinks in a variety of flavours close gaps in your nutrition.

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