The CAFEA Groupe

The CAFEA Group is a strong network of companies with tradition. It brings together businesses with different focuses but common goals: high quality, the same great flavour, and making a success out of every product.

Coffee with history

From green coffee beans for roasting at home in the frying pan in the 19th century to today’s popular product, instant coffee, the CAFEA Group has a fascinating and compelling history to look back on. Since 1955, the core company, DEK, has established itself as a market leader in instant coffee. CAFEA companies now produce and distribute all successful coffee specialities on the market today.

Strong subsidisries

Renowned distributors and manufacturers are brought together under the CAFEA banner. Company cornerstones include instant coffees, drinking chocolates and other instant drinks, including products based on grain and chicory. The CAFEA subsidiaries are primarily based in Germany, but can also be found in Russia, Poland, the USA, the UK and Belgium.

We put all our expertise, ideas and techniques into keeping our customers satisfied. We always have, and we always will. And that goes for every CAFEA Group company.

Long-term quality proven

DLG awards "Prize for Long-Term Product Quality" - Company continuously convinces in DLG quality tests

(DLG) Deutsche Extrakt Kaffee GmbH from Hamburg has now been awarded the "Prize for Longstanding Product Quality" for the ninth time by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) Food Test Centre. The company award stands for consistent striving for quality and is only awarded if food products have been regularly and successfully tested by the DLG for at least five years. 

"Today, quality must be filled with convincing content, it must be comprehensible and a consistent feature of a food product. The 'Prize for Londstanding Product Quality' has precisely this claim. The award winners document their quality strategy as a clear promise of consistent quality assurance and further development, " emphasises Freya von Czettritz, CEO of DLG-Holding. 

For many years, companies in the food industry have had their products tested voluntarily by DLG experts. To promote this striving for quality, the DLG awards the "Prize for Longstanding Product Quality". Companies must participate in the product-specific International Quality Tests of the DLG Test Center Food for five consecutive years and achieve at least three awards per award year. From the fith successful participation year onwards, the company is awarded the "Prize for Longstanding Product Quality". If a producer does not participate in a year or does not achieve the required number of awards, he loses his claim to the award. 

Instant coffee

Our instant coffee is the CAFEA Group’s number-one
success story and is distributed by almost
all of our subsidiaries.

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Liquid coffee

As a concentrate, this product is hugely versatile and suitable for use in foods or hot-drinks machines.

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