On course to the future with renewable energy

Solar energy rockets CAFEA into the future

This summer, the roof of our plant in Dunstable, England, was fitted with 1,064 solar panels. Renewable energies are fast becoming a requirement of both the UK government and our major UK customers. Solar panels help to secure the future of our planet and significantly reduce our energy costs, thus constituting a key pillar of our sustainability programme.

The benefits of the CAFEA solar panel project include the long-term reduction of our environmental impact and an active contribution to preventing climate change. It will help us to reduce our CO2 emissions by 85 tonnes per year and save an estimated £750,000 (€900,000) in energy costs over the next 20 years. These values not only meet the requirements of our largest customers, but also make us all the more resolved in our commitment to sustainability.

 Sustainable investments – CAFEA UK installs more than 1,000 solar panels. 

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